I’m Umesh Damania, a Certified Mind Factor Coach and Cognitive Hypnotherapist based in Essex. I run two successful practices from Loughton and Chigwell. Click here for the details of my website, or call me on 07977 598 387 now if you can’t wait and want a chat with me now.

I set out to get the best possible training from the leaders in their field. So i started with Trevor Silvester at The Quest Insititute, Trevor is the creator of Wordweaving, an amazing techique that allows Quest Trained Therapists to break free of scripts and create elegant and potent suggestions specifically for each client. I then trained with David Shephard at The Performance Partnership where i successfully qualified as a Master Practitioner in NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy. I finally complimented my detailed knowledge by learning the rapid change work of Integral Eye Movement Technique with Andy Austin. I have also now added to what i can offer clients by incoprating PSTEC, which is Percussive Suggestion Technique. It’s a new process that is getting my clients changes is a very short space of time.  

I carry full professional indemnity insurance and i’m registered with the National Council of Hypnotherapy one of the leading bodies in the hypnotherapy profession.

My passion is for helping people, there’s such a sense of satisfaction that i get when i see the change that takes place in my clients. Sometimes clients may have had their issues for most of their lives, so imagine the feeling they have when they can finally break free from the things that have held them back for so long…its priceless!!!

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog



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